For generations, livestock, farming, and wildlife have played an instrumental role at Contigo Ranch. Caring for the land, its habitat, and its animals is a passion and will always remain a priority.


Deer in the brushFrom colorful butterflies to the majestic Whitetail Deer, the wildlife at Contigo Ranch is of utmost importance. Topping the list of priorities is providing excellent habitat for all game and animals. To survive and do well, animals must have adequate food, water, and shelter in an appropriate arrangement. This includes enabling and introducing a wide range of beneficial plant types, layers, and edges that will:

1) provide cover from weather and predators
2) provide nectar sources for insects
3) provide nuts and berries for birds and mammals
4) provide places for all wildlife to raise their young
5) provide adequate food and water sources

At any given time at Contigo Ranch, if you’re looking closely, you may observe many species of wildlife. A list of animals we’ve spotted on the ranch includes:

• Armadillo
• Axis Deer
• Birds of all kinds (some live here but many are migratory and stopping off for a visit)
• Bobcat
• Cottontail Rabbit
• Coyote
• Feral Hog
• Red Fox
• Jack Rabbit
• Porcupine
• Red Squirrel
• Rio Grande Turkey
• Skunk
• Whitetail Deer


The Watusi breed is Contigo’s cattle of choice because of its hardy grazing capabilities and easy going temperament. The breed is highly social and easily moved from pasture to pasture. An interesting characteristic of this breed involves being very protective of each other. At night they tend to form a circle, with adults laying on the outside, horns out, to protect the young located within the inner circle.

Watusi may be solid colored or spotted. Some unusual spotting patterns are found in some of the more valuable Watusi, including one in which black or brown runs across the top of the animal with white on the lower body. As you’ll see out on the ranch, the Watusi are characterized by their exceptionally large and distinctive horns.